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Hypno-Psychotherapist, Kirstie Flood BA (Hons), DIP IDM, CHP (NC), DHP (NC)

Therapy Sessions

How can I help?

Everybody wants to get the most out of life but that feeling can be blocked for reasons you may or may not understand.

This can leave you feeling frustrated, anxious, low and confused. I understand how and why that can happen and will create an individual plan to help you resolve it. 


Contact below to book a free

30-minutes consultation.

Kirstie Flood

Under every behaviour there is a feeling.

Under every feeling there is a need.

When we meet that need we can begin to deal with the cause, not just the symptom.

Happiness Matters

We will work together looking at solutions rather than problems. Helping you get back on with your life using bespoke therapy that is as unique and as individual as you are, because your happiness matters.

That's how I can help.

Getting Help

Hypnotherapy is beneficial for many different issues and it's often the case that you may be experiencing more than one.

Contact me to find out more if you want to make a change or feel better.

Phobias - Panic Attacks - Anger - Anxiety  - Weight Control - Insomnia  - Migraines - IBS - Trauma - Self Esteem - Stress - Chronic Pain

Self-Confidence - Smoking - Internet Addiction - Obsessions and Compulsions - Excessive Worrying - Public Speaking - Relationship Issues - Guilt or Shame - Social or Personal Inhibition and Shyness 

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