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My Approach 

I offer therapeutic Clinical Hypnotherapy underpinned with integrated psychotherapeutic techniques in Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks for adults (18 years old and above). Hypnosis delivers a natural state of altered awareness which can be used for self-help, it is a safe dream-like state which occurs somewhere between being fully asleep and fully awake. 


Using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, we will work together to help positively bring about change including negative habits, thought patterns or limiting behaviour. You will remain in control throughout the treatment during which you will usually experience a pleasant state of relaxation. Hypnotherapy has a long history of being used to treat a whole variety of issues including stress, insomnia, phobias, fears, anxiety, habits and more. 


My approach using a combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy means together we will work on making positive changes to help you find the solutions you need to move on with your life. Initially, we will look at the triggers that may be contributing to the issues but we will not be examining old problems but instead finding ways for you to improve your life as quickly as possible. Usually, six sessions are enough for you to make the changes you need.


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