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Hypnotherapy Anxiety Advice - Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ways in which you can help manage anxiety during lockdown include sitting down a few times a day (or whenever you need to) and connect with your breathe. Inhale through the nose for five and then slowly exhale through the mouth for seven, practice this until you can inhale comfortably for seven and exhale for eleven. Video call a family member or a friend everyday, set aside a time that works for you both and touch base each day to talk. Do something at home that you've been meaning to get round to, paint a wall, bake a cake, or even better if you've a garden go out and do some weeding. There are loads of different (free) exercise classes online, from PE style drills to yoga, find one that you can join in with each day if possible. Finally, try and avoid following developments of the coronavirus online or on the news...take a news media break and check into the news more than once a day.

If you're still really finding things tough, feel free to drop me an email or call me to find out more about hypnotherapy for anxiety.

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