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Loneliness during Lockdown

  • Many of us will be experiencing loneliness during lockdown as we are separated from family, friends and even those faces we see everyday at work, at the shops, in our village or town. This means that we need to find new ways to stay in touch with others - video calls, phone calls, virtual quizzes or coffee mornings. Making time to connect with others is vital to your wellbeing and theirs. The Mental Health Foundation have put together a great guide to staying connected during this difficult time including:

  • Give time - put more time aside to connect with your friends and family

  • Be present - this means really paying attention to the other people in your life and trying not to be distracted by your phone or your work or other interests

  • Listen - really listen to what others are saying and try to understand it and to focus on their needs in that moment

  • Let yourself be listened to - honestly share how you are feeling, and allow yourself to be heard and supported by others

  • Recognise unhealthy relationships - harmful relationships can make us unhappy. Recognising this can help us to move forward and find solutions

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