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Relationship Pressure

Lockdown and Covid has brought with it a microscope under which our relationships with others are being magnified in a plethora of different ways. Those who live alone may be struggling with feeling isolated and lonely, couples who usually worked in an office or outside the home now find themselves together 24/7 with the added pressure in some cases of financial concerns. Then there are those separated from their extended families and missing that connection. Relationships are unique from person to person and family to family. If you are feeling relationship pressure for any reason then do consider taking time out each day for self-nurturing. A walk outside, a hot bath, some relaxing music, a zoom call to someone special. Because taking care of yourself matters now more than ever. If you need any more support then do get in touch, hypnotherapy will give you the time and space to relax and readjust to this new way of being in whatever relationships you have.

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