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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks for Weight Management

Weight can be gained for a variety of reasons which may be due to either habitual eating or from compulsive eating when eating patterns are disrupted as a result of coping with life’s stressful events. Hypnotherapy works to help re-wire the subconscious mind by breaking your old cycle of thinking and planting new decisions to fundamentally change your mindset, attitude and behaviour towards food

Hypnosis for weight loss, overeating or weight control offers a relaxing, safe environment in which we can examine what emotions lie behind how you eat which will give focus and clarity to the treatment.  A tailored hypnotherapeutic approach spread over five sessions centering around eating triggers and food behaviours will be created according to any other underlying issues to help you gain control over your responses. The treatment will also include methods to help with the way you focus on food, portion control, snacking, cravings, trigger points, exercise and to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

What to expect from the five sessions:

  • Hypnotherapy works to fundamentally change your mindset towards food

  • Hypnosis therapy works by placing positive suggestion into your subconscious with the aim of changing your eating habits. 

    • Including a reduction in desire for extra food or treats (cakes, sweet, crisps etc) or takeaways

    • Moving away from the desire to snack and towards a healthier diet

    • Increases motivation, therefore works very well to support any weight loss program such as weight watchers

    • Increases motivation towards regular physical exercise and to get you moving 

  • Builds self-esteem, confidence and positive body image

  • Eating the right foods becomes automatic

  • Feel good about reducing portion size and eating less without feeling hungry - incorrect portion sizes are one of the largest contributors to weight gain. You will find less food satisfies you more

  • Promotes a positive attitude towards a healthier, happier lifestyle

Hypnotherapy will help motivate you to move towards being a healthier you. To discuss more or for an initial free consultation please contact me to find out more about how I can support you using hypnosis for better weight management and to help you live a more fulfilling life. The cost is £300 for the five sessions which includes a reinforcement MP3 for you to listen to between sessions. The initial consultation is free.

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